Career Opportunities

Electrical Power Engineerin is one of the most in-demand professions in the UK and worldwide.

Governments worldwide are putting in place plans to decarbonise and modernise their electricity sector.  A transition to a green economy will require a highly skilled workforce led by electrical power engineers with a solid academic background, an appreciation of the trajectory of the industry and an understanding of the challenges and implications brought about by the introduction of new power technologies. According to the Institution for Engineering & Technology (IET):

“The business of managing and distributing power in the UK is beginning to undergo revolutionary changes and [power] engineers are the people who will play a pivotal role in keeping the lights on."[1]

"Experienced, chartered power engineers can earn around £45,000 a year on average."[2]

The programme will run in a close association with other activities within the broader Electrical Engineering programme within the School, including networking events, industrial presentations and seminars. It will benefit from the current strong connections with industry (coordinated by the Student Industry Liaison Manager, and existing research associations and consortia (such as the EPSRC Centre for Energy Systems Integration).

[1] Ones to watch: Six fast growing industries that will drive the future employment of engineers and technicians in the UK.

[2] Here's Why You Should Work in Electrical Engineering